Friday, January 11, 2013

Sergio Martinez vs Martin Murray go fight a super middleweight

Sometime ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he was interested in fighting Sergio Martinez and Sergio expressed a fight with Floyd as well. However, the Floyd haters have taken this opportunity to say that Mayweather is ducking Sergio and that his legacy will be questioned. First off, Floyd is a first round ballot Hall of Famer. Fighting Sergio is nothing more than a cherry on top. Sergio needs Floyd more than Floyd needs Sergio.

Martinez handlers say that he is a natural 154 pounder, although he has not fought at that weight in nearly three years. What Sergio needs to do is stop pursuing the smaller Mayweather and go up to the super middleweight division. There are plenty of big names to choose from starting with the ever so talented Andre Ward. One can’t forget about Carl Froch, Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler and the list goes on and on.
Fight fans often scream “the best should fight the best”. Well why isn’t Sergio moving up to the super middleweight division or unify the middleweight division? He’s too busy trying to fight smaller fighters. We all know the real reason why Sergio wants Mayweather and its money, money and more money.
Sure, Floyd is highly skilled, but so is Andre Ward. The difference between Mayweather and the fighters at 168 is that none of them are pay per view attraction. They are Showtime fighters at best. But Team Martinez, like Team Mayweather knows they need another fighter that has a big following and will bring the money in.
For example, Sergio chose Irishman Matthew Macklin and fought him on St. Patrick’s Day. The crowd was there mainly for Macklin, but Sergio benefited. The same scenario goes for Chavez Jr. Chavez brought the crowd in. Not Martinez. And this stands to reason why he is fighting in his hometown of Argentina against Martin Murray.
If Mayweather haters are going to put ridiculous expectations on Floyd, then it’s okay to put them on Sergio. Some say he’s too short to fight some 168. Hogwash. Mike Tyson was 5 ft 11 inches and was beating guys who were 6 feet and above. Martinez vs Murray live stream
James “Bone Crusher” Smith was 6 ft 4 inches; Pinklon Thomas was 6 ft 3 inches; and Tyrell Biggs was was 6 ft 7 inches just to name a few. Sergio is 5 ft 10 inches. Wasn’t Chavez taller than Sergio? Ward stands 6ft 1 inch; Froch is 6ft 3inches; Kessler is 5ft 9inches. Or why isn’t Sergio targeting Dimitri Pirog, Daniel Geale, or Peter Quillin? In my view, Sergio is simply ducking and looking to cash out.

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